Required Forms
Cleaning                  $ 50.00 for fellowship hall.
Sanctuary                $175.00
Fellowship Hall         $150.00
Deposit                   $ 100.00 to be refunded if there is no damage to any properties of the church, and buildings are left as they were found. 
Upon receipt of the $100.00 deposit, the desired date(s) will be reserved on the church calendar. The remaining fees must be received 30 days
prior to the wedding.
1.   Check for availability
Sanctuary will not be rented from the week before to the day of special celebrations or holidays.
Dates are reserved on a first-come basis.
2.   Fill out required paper work
An Adobe Acrobat file can be downloaded above, or you can pick up a copy of the forms from the church secretary.
1.   No alcoholic beverages can be served on the church property.
2.   Parking in designated areas only.
3.   No confetti.
4.   No defacing, marring, nailing, tacking or marking on walls, pews, church appointments, furniture, etc.
5.   Leave the premise at least as good as you found it.
You may invite any ordained pastor from a Christian Church to perform your wedding.
You may also ask for the pastor of Chickamauga Presbyterian Church to perform the marriage ceremony.
Note that it is required of all PC(USA) pastors to give some form of pre-marital counseling before performing a wedding ceremony.
The requirements of this vary from pastor to pastor, and if the couple is out of the area, the couple can go to another pastor nearer
to them, or work something out through reading and correspondence. Normally the counseling will cover the couple's expectations,
why they want to be married in a Church, what helps to keep a marriage healthy and strong, and details of their ceremony.
It is expected of all couples to have some form of pre-marital counseling before getting married in our sanctuary.

Organist                $100.00 or more recommended,depending upon time, songs,and playing for reception.
Pastor                   $75.00 or more recommended.